Inside a Dopnet
Flip object
– sprites to particles
– particle radius something to do with compression or oozing
– grid scale, for voxel grid
Flip solver
– has no surface tension, if you want to do that you need to attract particles together in some way
-turn off reseeding, can make things uncontrollable.
-vorticity makes interesting things
-velocity smoothing gets rid of high frequency movements
Pop force – gravity
Ground plane- merge after flip solver
-must be leftmost


Dop import
-fetch geometry from dop
-drag drop the dopnet
-object mask to flip object

Vdb from particles
-voxel size half particle separation * radius scale

Convert vdb
-polygons (now can rend)
-adaptivity reduces poly

Vdb smooth
-iterations 2ish

Vdb reshape
-an erode essentially
-can mask with vorticity (primitive?)

Disturbance – small pockets, related to temperature
Turbulence – curl noise, wispy

Object merge to get geometry from other sop contexts


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