Nukes Gamma is wrong

Above one it becomes linear not exponential. The curve is continuous to the first derivative.


Scatters points onto a surface caveat – it does this based on world space, and even if you do it based on texture space etc, doesn’t always work.

Trail – Sop

Can use to compute velocity seems to use frame before and after to make some changes

AttributeWrangle -VEX

need to dive inside an attribute wrangle to get the real cook time. Generally slower than built in nodes We’re using something called snippets (there is a snippet vop); Using VEX expressions There are a number of code snippets available from the drop down menu Ctrl + Enter -> executes the current code Created attributes…


Inside a Dopnet Flip object – sprites to particles – particle radius something to do with compression or oozing – grid scale, for voxel grid Flip solver – has no surface tension, if you want to do that you need to attract particles together in some way -turn off reseeding, can make things uncontrollable. -vorticity…

Tree View?

Apparently there’s a tree view in the technical desktop, which allows you to see everything going on in the scene without diving into places

Types of Nodes in Houdini

SOPs = Surface OPerators or geometry nodes that are inside an object folder. These are used to construct and modify geometry. Any kind of geometry from polygons to volumes. DOPs = Dynamic OPerators or simulation/solver nodes that are used to construct simulations. Simulations read in geometry from SOPs and passes this data in to the…

Paint Sop

Adds an attribute to points using a paint like interface.

L System

This seems to be some kind of fractal creation system

Snow top

An effect akin to snow built up onto an object. Create a plane of particles (using a scatter), Then use a ray node to move the position of particles to the surface of the object, and group to remove the particles of the plane that haven’t moved. It is posible to use a group node…